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Flyer Distribution, Marketing Research and Planning? We offer 
targeted, effective and low cost, hand to hand flyers/products distribution and printmedia insertion nationwide..

·  Directly targeting 18-45 year olds, Male, Female, Income group, etc.
·  Distributing flyer and product samples
·  Exceptionally competitive prices
·  Event, Shop and Street Team services
·  National and Regional services
·  Full reporting as the campaign progresses.

If you want to reach 18-45 year olds throughout the country with specific information or products, let us
help you manage your marketing campaign because we know the ins and outs of this level of business advertising.
Call +234 -803 -370 -3678 or email info@flyersdistribution.net to request a free quote on
your project.

We will design your targeted distribution strategy based on the following:

Target Audience

We ask you who your ideal client is,
and then tailor your distribution
around this key component


Based on your ideal client and the areas
your business covers, we recommend
the most appropriate locations for you.


We look at your chosen locations and combine this with your budget to establish the right quantity for your business.


Your design will always include our three
keys to a successful flyer: bold headline,
eye catching image and a call to action.


We advise on the perfect print for your
business based on your target audience,
type of business and budget.

Type of distribution

You can have direct or print media inserted distribution. We recommend the best for you based on your average conversion value and your budget.


Drip effect marketing studies show the
higher the frequency, the higher the
response. We recommend a minimum
three stage repeat strategy.

Video Report

Watch exactly where your flyers are
distributed with video report.


We look at your response rate and use those results to create an even better repeat campaign.

Why should you choose our flyer distribution service

Our professional team of experts is well versed in hand to hand marketing and will be happy to offer you advice or consult with
you about your advertising needs. 

We can customize a flyer distribution campaign that targets
your specific marketing needs.

Whether you are advertising a specific product or service, we are
here to help you succeed and increase sales in the process.

Our Flyer Distribution Report is delivered in a Video CD for client

Client is informed of distribution time and venue for project monitoring.

We value lifetime client  relationships.
 Get a free quote today

Flyer Distrbution Video Report
Flyer Distrbution Video Report
Flyer Distrbution via Print Media Insertion
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